Confluence, PA to Kendall, MD

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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Docket: 12742 1/15/1940 Section: 1
Application of The Confluence and Oakland Railroad Company and The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company to abandon and remove the entire line extending from Confluence and Oakland Junction in Somerset and Fayette Counties Pa. and Kendall, Garrett County, Md. a distance of 19.79 miles and to abandon operation.
Length: 19.79 miles Citation: 244 ICC 451

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This branch had a still-productive coal operation at Kendall when the branch was closed because a flood control dam was built on the Youghigheny River that covered most of the branch.

In earlier years, there was a big lumber industry centered around Friendsville, including narrow gauge logging branches built by several different firms. You can see more about the C&O and the n.g. operations in Ben Kline's "Tall Pines and Winding Rivers", his fine book on Maryland logging. It's been out of print for years, but copies turn up occasionally among the book sellers.

Howard County, MD